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delete the elite really was her. live click click click. click.
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if you want to educate you might want. to. shoot. dancing. but. when you say i mean zero zero. to a bomb. because they are. using to move out. of that speech. that president bush judged me which educated. me to say that he would. say.
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yeah there is a saying. that the feds. busted and then he went through all the countries of the world but idea to remove their right to call us companies that he said approaches me give them everything that's left in the basket. of. the property of children to the. teachers make the month and go that's your thank you from this country to get the guards to get diamont get to the polls. to the courts so all these guys must look into the bush and come up with the number of. he's one of them maybe two that's.
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true. even. if. after the bell gents thank became free. sixty. of the independents before. and it became this big. issue. in. the night. with the society.
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so we started with the money of the. fed with the money of the. i. i was seven. before really. odd that. they need and then they sent messages just to rid. of. the population of. it lasted. six months. now. and then the temp to run of the president of the. mining company asked him to get out of. its. destructive and useless i saw i saw
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it and those are the images that i was thinking of get them on their principles. when they become a prick if i become a president one day. and try to stop this. over . i'm taking international journalists to defense upticks. someone for human rights abuses. for. stuff. my kids must live the life i've lived to become a fixer you must have a lot of experience of suffering you know of. people got to give the
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rest. of not to be preached to be angry you know. what it should have been. many many things. i know what. i know or think it's what's got. sometimes you have to deal with it. and the people of the. majority of our population don't know what. all this is of crime is security. just settle the insurance. it's a scam. you cry scam. because here we have. it's you from. you know she must. have called banks.
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we have. courts and discuss it's a right if. it's all. in your head. and. even if it's what's. the. rest of it. is the. good of the. people if you. really don't. wish to know what sort of a bust. you can. so you understand that this country is that this is what. it's we don't we don't understand how.
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we are poor in such a country it's those who would suck your. money. to such. an interest. in. your. ear.
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if you didn't. want to be. seen to be good instead of just. let it out. it doesn't exist. you have. to
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believe me no one knows that this but they send me to the decision it's. just. the same decision. i think we're going to. create it's well we're up a. bunch. of people who. left force for from one thousand nine hundred sixty seven at that time to. good relationship with europe with the rest of the countries in one thousand. seventy three she went to the u.n. speech and the speech. problem to start at the beginning of the all. of. these. don't mean little me not thirty six what
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struck. me is they got. a lot of what feels good when you do a little. bit. of. what you larry. and then they said ok i would never see france anymore and that's when my book to fund its levees and she said ok guys we have a problem so from now on everybody for himself and that's. i can't give you and give you some notes. so i just started now in the
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city of college looking people. who will not. say oh you're just one of. those are pulling a lot of the line and they're allowed to cut off but if you feel good i don't. think he's dead to see if. he's going to get. whatever makes it. all the population became very very miserable our father. but not. in that full face. yet so give me twenty dennis you see and this is how every way it's become no more such systems. see this is the same. political
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fencing people the ship. of. income inequality wage stagnation gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of effectiveness in congress there are these are well documented trends going back decades and now they're really cute ten minute fast to the point where people describe the system is being seized with a kind of paralysis. here's what people have been
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saying about rejected in the sixty's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packed a punch. yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank hey. seriously send us an e-mail. so. that's. good
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news for. us. and she's. a problem. sometimes. for. my wife. and. she's just me. saying ok.
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ok i didn't. and then he does. it seem. to keep. most of the. troops. in what appears to be. from.
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believe that. people. like it's. ok. i said. when she had. my friends from my music. of the future. this is. where. you have. to discuss it's. nice to. know.
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it's. his friends. but. this is now. clearly they were originally
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a any. a right. i. have. been but in my mind. i didn't know you as
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a good because it is easier. to go to live didn't want to. give it. to them that we. can get it down to yes why don't you just. accept that. we've. loved. so much of the good that did it that you did what was done when i was going to be looked up and i know you. by that time i thought you know the sky the people who keep my wife close to the boat that two months later after me because they're just now from the power country they had to work to do. if you just. did not want to do. what. you're going to do on describe it it's just the.
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right. mood. that side of the. one. that us everybody was in. or the horse in the bush. by tragic. plane from. comes to it's. those arabs. like. i said you know. in my country i know people who have kids people.
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for them. but. i didn't see that once in my life to see. i understood but the heat. you have it doesn't destroy the people. we have you know but to destroy yourself would be think it's lost in the street that's what's up and. i was reading. about. this was they need to be strong they need to all. they lost for me it's so i start to preach to give you this for the hearts to forgive and forget . i myself was told it was on my children stuff.
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was maybe five to five six feet. three feet i'm easy it's not easy but if it's. close well i doubt. if. it. does it's like he's. been out of it is what the political myth is that it is. you know what is that a little bit what. is this is. what. he said. he doesn't know much she.
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is. so that. is is. that she is is is is. is. that he did this and led him and did i start to do a call on his. mission. and the time of the people in. this room with i think if anything was monday to force you out there just sort of three. weeks. in the. morning. people may be.
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they walked. for the mission i was in. but. i couldn't explain something. i was feeling. under the breath of. the. thousands. everybody said. they. see the present from day. to defeat has.
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come to the wonderful blood donation. come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i received. my body gets. produced. around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity. one of the side of. your put me on your car i'm reading we don't have all plasma based drugs. today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma as most come from our
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you know motor car computer one of the risks of pay donation in it and then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations and it. if i was my. boobs over two years old he would go in the money in the droves and who runs the blood business. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is a full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue. and see people you never heard of love redacted
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tonight president of the world bank takes it on the road many seriously send us an e-mail us alone the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it the. right. kind of crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life and i'm hopefully before this on the celestial get out i'm going to all such as the traditional story son nas comes by him sometime soon as we don't find any school much better than that while the cities try desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of what goes up will probably go up on the dole coffee cup at home in the bush. on some snark up the supposed to mean a good. life.
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is a tourist fulfill a phone to an identity. it is. taxed as a financial survival guide stacey a salad fill out. the fight
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spot thank you for. the story that's true. slavery. still exists. rico's treats it as one. hundred forty three cool. little k'naan you all want to see. the island is controlled by the u.s. government and some puerto ricans crave independence. giving up i don't know. either i mean to sort of i mean. obviously. still many do wish to join the u.s. . leave every day. beings. with the country at
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a crossroads anger on the island on the rise. of . london summons north korea's ambassador to the u.k. all to pyongyang's latest missile test that is the pentagon says the north korean missile was of a type they've never seen before. the russian defense ministry has announced that it carried out strikes against eisel targets on the border of the syrian provinces of hama and holmes. c.n.n. is accused of blackmailing the person responsible for creating the president trump wrestling clip to reveal his identity if he does something similar again. to.


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